Artist Statement

The natural world inspires my art, primarily through my relationship with the environment.  Originally a plein air painter, I used to consider the world from a more central vantage point in nature, immersed in the scene. When I began  studying printmaking, I fell in love with the medium and the many possibilities of exploring composition through a variety of materials and processes. Consequently, my primary mode of expression is now printmaking: etching, drypoint, and relief printing. Moreover, my viewpoint has shifted to a more intimate one. By engaging the interaction of form and detail, my work challenges the viewer to emotionally relate to the tension created by various elements in nature.  I strive to depict moments in the natural world by juxtaposing elements that create this tension.  I often find these moments by sitting quietly in my small garden and looking at the many textures and arrangements of the foliage and blooms. Shifts of light change values, colors, and patterns, revealing worlds within worlds that beg to be notated.  Through my work, I depict specific transitory moments as I witness them.

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